Boston Bitcoin Devs

Socratic Seminar 21


Housekeeping 🧹


How Should Standards be Maintained?

Coinkite proposes BBQR, a new way to do animated QR codes for Bitcoin, particulary Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions.

Currently the Blockchain Commons UR standard is the most widely used way to do animated QR codes

Examine the Standard

What are the potential benefits and challenges of Coinkite's new method for animated QR codes in Bitcoin transactions? How does it compare to the current standard by Blockchain Commons?

Innovation vs. Standardization

In the context of evolving technologies like animated QR codes, how should the balance between innovation and the need for standardization be maintained?

What to do about mining pool censorship?

Missing sanctioned transactions detected

Chun Wang (F2Pool cofounder) admits (in a since-deleted tweet) F2Pool is filtering sanctioned transactions

Wang later announced (in a since-deleted tweet) that F2Pool is disabling the filter

How do we prevent this kind of filtering from effectively excluding transactions from the blockchain? Decentralized block building or bust!

Block CEO Jack Dorsey Leads $6.2 Million Investment Round In Decentralized Bitcoin Mining Pool (emphasis mine)

DEMAND Launches The First Stratum V2 Bitcoin Mining Pool

Censorship in Mining Pools

What are the implications of mining pools like F2Pool filtering sanctioned transactions? Is this a form of necessary regulation or harmful censorship?

Decentralized Block Building

How can decentralized block building prevent filtering and censorship in blockchain transactions? What are the potential drawbacks of this approach?

The Role of a Pool

Considering Jack Dorsey's investment in a decentralized Bitcoin mining pool, how does financial backing influence the decentralization of cryptocurrency mining? How easily can individual miners choose pools?

Activating new Bitcoin Script Features

OP_CAT Re-activation Proposed by Boston Developers Ethan Heilman and Armin Sabouri

Optech Summary

Bitcoin Inquisition Activation

OP_CAT Re-activation Proposal

What are the potential impacts of re-activating OP_CAT in Bitcoin? What might it enable, how, and what harms might come in relation to the stability of the Bitcoin network? How does this fit in with other transaction introspection/covenant/contract proposals?

Software Releases

Dart DLC

Frost Dev Kit

Botanix Labs Launches First EVM-Equivalent Layer 2 Testnet on Bitcoin


BitStream: Decentralized File Hosting Incentivised via Bitcoin Payments

BitcoinJS flag leaves $1B in cryptocurrency exposed

Future of the bitcoin-dev mailing list

A proposal for a “PSBT for descriptors” format

Wallet of Satoshi shuts down to US users

Attacker managed to steal almost 56 BTC (while paying 83.7 BTC fee